I Want to Sell My House


“I want to sell my house”, that is a statement we hear over and over again. It is usually followed by “How do I do that”. This article is aimed at helping you work through the process and give you the steps you need to successfully sell your home.

 If you want to sell your house, the first step is to evaluate your home and where it fits into the marketplace. Some homes can be sold at retail values. For a property to sell at retail it must be in tip top shape. Move in ready is the term used in the industry. These houses have been updated to the latest designs, colors, and amenities. In other words the new owners would have to do nothing but move their belongings into the space. In order for you to get the full retail price for your home, you have to be able to offer a turnkey property to the buyer.

 Now, there are a lot of homes out there that are livable, they are clean and function very well for the occupants. Some people label these homes as fixer uppers. Maybe your carpet is a little old, or your kitchen has that great I want to sell my houseGolden Harvest counter top. You can still put this type of house on the market, but be prepaid for the buyer to ask for a lower than retail price. Buyers will use old and outdated amenities as a bargaining tools to make lower offers.

 Lastly you have the wholesale homes. These are homes that have issues. Some people call them Ugly houses. Perhaps the homeowner had a run of bad luck and could not keep the homes appearances up. This type of home usually can not be listed on the MLS because banks will not lend on a property that has major repair issues. Broken window, sagging floors, peeling paint, or holes in the roof are all examples of this type of home.


I Want to sell my House Retail

Ok, so your home fits into the retail category, what do you do next. First double check that you have your home in order. You can download our I want to sell my house Retail Checklist Here. In the checklist you will find step by step actions to take, like find a local realtor, and setting up your house for viewings, all in an easy to follow list you can check off as you go. Below is a quick list of items you need to pay attention to. These steps can also apply if you are selling your home below retail.

  • Make your home clean and neat.
  • Make sure it has curb appeal.
  • Consider Staging your home.
  • Make any repairs that are necessary.
  • Hire an Agent
  • Create a project book – brag about the changes you have made to the home.


I want to sell my House Wholesale

Now, if your property is in a condition that does not garner a retail price, you can still sell it wholesale. Selling your house wholesale will bring you below market rate for it, but if you have owned the property for a time chances are you can still make money off of it. When selling your home wholesale, you have have several options. First you can do a for sales by owner (FSBO) offer through the FSBO websites. Secondly, you can do your own marketing through free sites like craigslist, there are literally millions of people searching for wholesale properties on that site alone. Lastly, if you are in a hurry or struggling to sell through these methods, you can contact a local real estate investor. These investors will have marketing around town, signs, magazine ads and even facebook posts. Anyone advertising “We Buy Houses Cash” or “Cash for Your Home” are more than likely investors who will work with you.

“7 Tips to Sell Your House Fast”
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